A Boutique Intellectual Property And Cyber Law Firm

Providing Strategic Legal and Policy Counsel to Clients.

Helping Clients Protect & Enforce Their Intellectual Property Rights

Zacharia Law works with clients to solve their toughest problems in their efforts to combat trademark counterfeiting, copyright piracy, and trade secret theft.

Zacharia Law focuses on strengthening clients' brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, and trade secrets protection efforts.

The Firm takes a collaborative approach with clients’ existing investigative and legal teams to identify which cases may be subject to civil enforcement, and which cases warrant referral to law enforcement.

Combating Cyber Theft

Zacharia Law helps clients strategically respond to fast-moving crises including data breaches and trade secret thefts.

Working With Law Enforcement

Zacharia Law works with clients to refer to law enforcement those individuals and entities who have committed intellectual property crime and cybercrimes against the Firm’s clients. The Firm also represents clients in their efforts to enforce their rights when they are victims of such crimes, including seeking restitution on behalf of clients.